Photograph a wedding: 
What's the plan?

each wedding is unique, is full of details that add seasoning to your special day, giving nuances.

Once I've become your photographerI love talking to the couples for whom I do my reports. I like that they comment on me, that they propose ideas to me, I present mine to them, even that they ask me their doubts and questions, in short, to know what they want from that day.

I usually have various appointments with my clients, especially if we take pre-wedding photographs, but within the final fortnight before the ceremony I usually have the last meeting in which we already discuss the final nuances of the day, the schedules, last doubts, etc...

The more prepared we carry out this part, the better the final result will undoubtedly be, mainly because on the day of the wedding you are going to dedicate yourself to enjoy, and I to capture all those moments.

Photographer taking photos of a bride

The day of the wedding I like to spend the most unnoticed possible, move discreetly, capture all the moments and ultimately capture your wedding. What is essential is to prevent you from ceasing to be yourself.

You mark the work program on the wedding day you.

To define approximately schedules, my work usually begins with the preparations for the bride and groom and ends more or less an hour later, at the start of the dance. We will be direct witnesses of everything that happens in between, to preserve all those moments and emotions.