One of the latest trends in wedding photography that I am enjoying the most are pre-weddings.

It is a way of getting to know each other, of taking the panic out of the camera, turning the act of taking photos into something comfortable and fun and that on the wedding day everything is more natural and more spontaneous.

That is why I invite you to enjoy an afternoon or a morning of photos, no hurries, without nerves, without stress.
It's not an exam... let's have fun!

Wedding couple hand in hand with a dog
Wedding couple hugging on the beach
Couple kissing with the Ferris wheel in the background

What is a pre-wedding?

Pre-weddings are a new ground in wedding photography, which allows us to consider all the options of scenarios and situations that we want to take the photographs.

It is very interesting how experience, because it helps us to break that wall that the camera sometimes represents and that on the wedding day, with the nerves of the moment, can become a very high wall.

we will meet, you can see that the experience of taking photos can be funny and nice and for my part I will be able to get to know you a little more closely, know what you like, what makes you nervous. we want to get that trust mutual, that the day of the wedding is so necessary to blur the line between professional and client.

In short, it is about accumulating experience together, so that at the wedding everything develops with complete confidence.

Where do we take the photos?

For the pre-wedding reports I like that you suggest me the locations. In Gijon? In Oviedo? In Luarca? In the middle of the Muniellos forest? In a Fair?

We can take the photos at any point in Asturias that comes to mind or move wherever you want: it is your day and they are your photos.